John Musto                      Composer/Pianist

The Piano Trio introduces Musto's trademark nervous urban energy and ability to give each instrument a vital place in scampering, poetic or misty activity. The songfulness of the second movement owes something to the cabaret world of Poulenc, though the music's alternation of insouciance and longing sounds like no composer other than Musto.                      - Gramophone

The Piano Trio was by John Musto, composed in 1998. It's a dazzling, astounding piece. full of energy, surprises, and a middle section of great beauty. It's a work of enormous creativity and freshness that requires three top-notch players. Pianist Bush and cellist Arron joined Gregorian in contrasting delicate sensitivity with absolutely

Piano Trio

fierce intensity. Is "fierce intensity" too strong a phrase? Not for Musto. Other writers use similar words like "urban energy," "scampering," "unhinged tonal harmonies along with brilliantly conceived counterpoint." He is truly one of the most extraordinary composers in America. If you don't know Musto's music, put it at the top of your to-do list.                                                                                                     - freetimes