John Musto                      Composer/Pianist

                                LATER THE SAME EVENING

Musto captures  the bittersweet  aura of the  piece  perfectly in a score  that never  wastes a note or a moment of the audience's time. His accessible but sophisticated style has many roots in  American musical  theater -- which makes the passing references to the hit show the characters are presumably  watching all the more delicious -- but the flow of conversation and mood is  elegantly captured in a score that combines an unerring feel for smart text setting and pointed instrumental commentary that is both melodically graceful and harmonically pungent. Musto's many songs are treasures of the American repertory, and here he establishes himself with even more distinction as a skilled opera composer.  -  Musical America


Elaine O'Neill, soprano

Ruth Baldwin, soprano

Valentina Scarcella, coloratura soprano

Rose Segal, soprano or mezzo-soprano

Estelle Oglethorpe, mezzo-soprano

Thelma Yablonski, mezzo-soprano

Jimmy O'Keefe, tenor

Sheldon Segal, tenor

Joe Harland, baritone

Ronaldo Cabral, baritone

Gus O'Neill, bass-baritone


Flute (Piccolo)

Oboe (English Horn)


Bass Clarinet


2 Horns



2 Percussion



Later the Same Evening (Complete)

Onyu Park sings Ruth's Aria

Adam Hall sings Jimmy's Aria (2)

Claire Kuttler sings Elaine's Aria

Jenna Lebherz and Ethan Watermeier sing the Final Scene

Jenny Chen sings Valentina's Aria

Adam Hall sings Jimmy's Aria (1)

Claire Kuttler sings Elaine's Arietta

The Company sing the Rain Octet