John Musto                      Composer/Pianist

"John Musto's two piano concertos are works of enormous imagination, freshness and feeling that require a soloist who combines sensitivity with almost ferocious virtuosity.  As this new disc reveals, the composer had the ideal pianist in mind when writing the concertos – himself. ”  - Gramophone Magazine

"He is a communicative composer, seeking to go beyond scene or character and create music that is memorable on its own terms."     - The Washington Post

"Does John Musto's Later the Same Evening indicate some sort of trend? I hope so. Here for once is an American opera freshly imagined by both composer and librettist rather than cobbled from a famous movie, novel or play. It's a daring gesture in these days when instant name recognition seems crucial for a new opera to get noticed...Musto captures the bittersweet aura of the piece perfectly in a score that never wastes a note or a moment of the audience's time. His accessible but sophisticated style has many roots in American musical theater, but the flow of conversation and mood is elegantly captured in a score that combines an unerring feel for smart text setting and pointed instrumental commentary that is both melodically graceful and harmonically pungent. Musto's many songs are treasures of the American repertory, and here he establishes himself with even more distinction as a skilled opera composer."   - Musical America

“Musto is the real thing, a quite flawless musician, with superb chops and lyric instincts.  He’s sophisticated as hell and can write a great tune...He is not just the leading vocal composer of his generation, but perhaps also the leading one of opera."   - Fanfare Magazine

“ A masterpiece was born Wednesday night at the Barns of Wolf Trap. Ben Jonson's 399-year-old play  Volpone  took on a new life in the world premiere of an opera of the same name by composer John Musto…This opera is likely to be taken up by many other American companies.”   - The Washington Post

"Musto spins flaxen pop into golden art."  - New York Newsday

“These are bold, proud, unapologetically expressive concertos that, judging from Musto’s playing of their solo parts, were unquestionably written by a card- carrying pianist of significant gifts.”   - International Record Review

“I don’t know any full-time composer today who plays with greater panache.”   - The New York Observer